Luxury driven red legged partridge in Spain, the best estate in Spain for red partridge. (Cáceres, Extremadura)

A unique hunting and tourism experience: Cáceres a medieval city, luxury hotel and restaurants, luxury tourism for companions and the best driven red-legged partridge estate in Spain.

Upon arrival at Madrid airport, hunters will be met to a member of our staff, who will take you through the firearms and luggage formalities.

Travel Program

Upon arrival at Madrid airport, hunters will be met to a member of our staff, who will take you through the firearms and luggage formalities.

In a high-end vehicles we left for the luxury hotel, two hours drive from the airport. An exquisite dinner will be waiting for us in a luxury restaurant.

The real challenge for the shooter begins: The shoot spans a vast area and an extensive variety of drives, usually between four and six per day. Very dififcult shoots. Wild sceneries and wild red partridge.

Your loader and secretary, who marks the birds you hit, and will carry your guns and everything you need. After the first drive, we take a little break for an outdoor gourmet aperitif.

While the hunters enjoy in the driven hunt, the companions will be in a Special Tourism Experience.

(See Below “Special Plan”).

After the lunch, the private cars will take you to the hotel, again. If time is available, we will visit the hunting artist studio (taxidermist, scupltor and painter) and a traditional gunshop in the city´s center, directed by a gunsmith.

In this trip, not only hunting it´s important but also the tourism, luxury and the haute cuisine. The dinner it´s planned in two Michelin stars restaurant. Before the dinner, you will be able to visit the restaurant`s cellar, considered the best in Europe.

On Sunday morning a new hunting day becomes. You will enjoy another hunting luxury experience in the best driven red legged partridge estate in Spain.

After the hunting day you will visit the old city of Cáceres (declared Humanity Heritage City for UNESCO),

A private tour at evening, walking for the city of Catholic Kings in a film scenery.

Meanwhile in a special restaurant are waiting for our visit. This luxurious restaurant are specializing in hunting and typical cuisine, the chef has written several books about on hunting haute cuisine.

After the breakfast, the private cars will take you at Barajas´ airport. An unforgotable hunting and luxury days. Landscapes, beautiful moments stores in our memory. Two hunting and luxury tourism days at the highest level.

Meanwhile the hunters are hunting, the hunter´s companions will enjoy a Unique Tourism Experience. They will visit an important winerie and will taste the wines guided by the winemaker.

Later our companions will go to Trujillo, a medieval town five minutes drive from the winerie. Here, they be able to visit the historic city with a specialist private guide. Trujillo is famous for Francisco Pizarro, conqueror of Perú, he was born and lived here.

After the private tour, at luxury restaurant are waiting for us. A perfect place for savouring haute cuisine with a beautiful views of the medieval square.

After the lunch, get back to the hunting estate.

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