We have the best personalized services with extensive experience hunting for demanding hunters, providing customers with professionalism, reliability, high quality and discretion. We offer a variety of resources and possibilities where you can choose to your liking.

Venare Hunting (Travels & Meetings) is a Spanish company specialised in hunting and luxury tourism. 

We are specialists in tailor made hunting trips for all the hunting species in Spain. You will hunt in the most exclusives destinations in Spain, always with utmost seriousness and warranty.


Spanish Ibex (all 4 subspecies)

Spain is famous around the world for ibex hunting. There are 4 different subspecies of ibex in Spain and Venare Hunting (Travels & Meetings), offer you the possibility for hunting all of them (Gredos, Beceite, Ronda and Granada). A mountain hunting experience!


Spain has an optimal conditions for hunting chamois. Venare hunting have a great mountain destinations in Spain for this wonderful animal. We have great density of animals and quality for trophies with guarantees. Enjoy in the beautiful landscapes of Spain.

Big game driven hunts (monteria)

Find out with Venare Hunting (Travels & Meetings), the most traditional and authentic hunt for big game: la Montería. A medieval tradition for hunting big game with dogs. We have different hunting estates with wild boars, red deers, fallow deers and mouflons, where you and your friends can celebrate the beat that you like.

Great Iberian deer

Venare Hunting (Travels & Meetings) suggest you an exceptional opportunity for stalking giants iberian deers. The Spanish deer is different from the rest of red deers in Europe and we have an exceptional estates for them. Enjoy with the stalking of these Spanish giants.

Red deer (European)

We can offer you one of the bests options for hunting European red deers (not Iberian) in Spain. Venare Hunting (Travels & Meetings) give you the opportunity for hunting an extraordinary European red deer with 250 CIC points in a great and exclusive hunting area. A great red deer hunted in a natural range with the weather conditions of Spain.

Balearean Goat

A special hunting trip for the most unique European hunting animal (Balearean Boc). If you want to stalk a Balearean Boc, Venare Hunting (Travels & Meetings) propose you hunt in a island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. The hunting estate is a virgin island and has high quality for balearean boc’s trophies. An special hunt in a unique place.

Red legged partridge driven (Ojeo)

The most authentic and luxurious hunting method in Spain. A real challenge for shooters. The shoot spans a vast area and an extensive variety of drives with very difficult shoots. Wild sceneries and wild red partridge with up to 2.000 birds in a day and always with the most luxurious organization in Spain. A real Spanish experience.


Venare Hunting (Travels & Meetings) have a great hunting estates for mouflons. You can to stalk a great mouflon or hunt them in a special driven for you and your friends. Great quality of trophies and guarantees of hunting. You can to mix with great deers and wild boars.

Roe deer

Spain offers great conditions and several places for hunting roe deers: Burgos, Soria, Guadalajara are the most famous. We have different estates for you: high density of roe deers, high quality of trophies, estates for the roe deer of your dreams and estates for Morisco roe deer (unique subespecie in Europe).

Fallow deer

If you like to hunt a great fallow deer in Spain we give you an unique opportunity to get an exceptional trophy. In the other hand we have one of the most estate for hunting fallow deer in driven hunt in Spain. A great experience for you and your friends.


Spain is a great chance for hunting a barbary sheep in Europe. Venare Hunting (Travels & Meetings) have great estates for you. High density of animals and good trophies. This hunt can be combined with deers, ibex, mouflon and boars.

Wild boar

Probably is the most popular animal between the Spanish hunters. Spain have an extraordinaries destinations for big wild boars. You can to hunt them in stalking with guarantees but also Venare Hunting (Travels & Meetings) offers you the amazing experience of a driven hunt exclusively of wild boars for you and your friends. Great trophies for stalking or driven hunt.

Walk up hunting (small game)

If you are a passionate of the small game your destination is Spain. Our exceptional estates for red partridge shooting, offer great possibilities to walk up hunting with dogs. In our hunting estates we have wild red partridges, rabbits and hares. You can enjoy a special day walking around incredible landscapes and hunting in some of the best hunting estates in Spain, visited every year by personalities and Royal Families.

Ducks shooting

Ducks is a great chance of enjoy an unforgottable hunting day in Spain. A great option of mix with other hunts (as big game or partridges). Your group of friends can to hunt up to 1.000 ducks in a day in a natural lakes. A great experience of Venare Hunting (Travels & Meetings) only for you.

Special animals

Venare Hunting (Travels & Meetings) is a special company capable to offer unique hunting experiences. In Spain we have several special animals for hunting as: black and white fallow deer, iberian wolfs and more… consult us.


We are the unique Spanish company with tailor made hunting trips for your holidays.
Enjoy your travel with your family and friends and know the most exclusive tourism in your hunting destination.

Some of our proposals in Spain:

  • Red legged partridge driven hunt (or driven big game) for a private group with gourmet or historical tourism.
  • Stalking and beach in the best Spanish coasts (consult animals).
  • Great Iberian red deers in Cáceres and the Conqueror´s route.
  • Roe bucks and the secrets of the Cathedrals in Castilla.

Tell us your preferences and we will design a tailor made hunting trip.


We are specialists in international hunting too.

No matter where your going, leave your hunting and travel plans in the hands of Venare Hunting (Travels & Meetings)