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“Platinum Experiences”


Luxury, exclusive plans

Our Platinum Experiences department takes care of designing exclusive and luxurious plans, for guests of the most distinguished accommodation in the country, which can be found in our catalogue.

In our tailor-made experiences, guests only have to choose the focus of their travel day, or follow the advice of our personalised guide, who will take them by the hand to the most exclusive tourism and leisure options.


Venare Hunting Travels & Meetings will design an itinerary for you including anything from tours of the town itself, to full day trips to nearby places, to give your stay more meaning and let you fully discover the most exclusive possibilities in the surrounding area or region.

If you’re after a multi-experience day out, you will discover all the possibilities on a tour which will be an exciting experience for you. For stays lasting a few days, we will be delighted to help you make the most of them. We always adapt to your tastes and your own rhythm, discovering the most obscure and inaccessible experiences and delights, which are only available to very few.

If you’re thinking of travelling and would like to enjoy our Platinum Experiences, let us know your destination or take a look at our accommodation, and our Event Planner will design a Platinum Plan for you. Our Experience Plans are always made to measure, so we do not have a set catalogue, because true experiences are a one-off.

If you are the owner of a high-quality hotel, and you would like to feature in our catalogue of exclusive accommodation to offer our plans to your guests, please contact us to find out about our offers.

No matter where your going, leave your hunting and travel plans in the hands of Venare Hunting (Travels & Meetings)

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